Reach and Wash

Reach and Wash Commercial Window Cleaning in London

The reach and wash window cleaning system Islington is basically cleaners using a pole system for cleaning windows. The main nature of this particular system is that it does not use any chemical or any cleaning agents but rather makes use of pure water. Benchmark Window Cleaning has long seen the advantages of such technique and has mastered it over the years. We have the best team of technicians trained to deliver the professional cleaning services you require.

With rising considerations about the environment, the reach and wash system is the best alternative to be abiding by the environment friendly regulations. Our dedicated cleaners will simply use a pole equipped with a brush at the end to clean your windows by moving the brush along the window panes and delivering pure water through the brush itself allowing it to lift the dirt and leaving the window and also the frame fresh and clean.

With this technique we also ensures that n streak is left after cleaning. With the use of normal cleaning systems which make use of detergents and chemicals, streaks are often noticed after cleaning. Since the reach and wash London system uses only pre water, there is no trace of streaks left after cleaning. This also enables your windows to stay clean for a longer time, reducing your overall cleaning costs.

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