Commercial Window Cleaning Services across London

Benchmark Window Cleaning is a trusted cleaning company with over 10 years’ experience in the field specialising in window cleaning for commercial premises in Central & Greater London.

At Benchmark Window Cleaning we understand our clients have unique needs which is why a one size fits all approach does not work. We operate in a way where no matter how intricate your requirements are we are committed to ensuring we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We have a range of commercial clients across London in different sectors including real estate, construction, and health clubs so there is no doubt that we can provide an unbeatable service that suits you.

From offices, private residences, schools, apartments, historical buildings to sky scrapers, at Benchmark Window Cleaning we are more than happy to provide our service to any commercial customer.

Our range of services include abseil window cleaning, reach and wash, office window cleaning, high level window cleaning, rope access window cleaning and fixed rooftop cradle apparatus cleaning. Our services cover the major business districts in London including Canary Wharf, Islington, Westminster, Lambeth and Southwark. We also serve central and the greater London areas.

Why choose Benchmark Window Cleaning

Benchmark Cleaning has already made its name as a leading provider of commercial window cleaning in London. Our impressive portfolio of clients in London speaks for itself and even though we have received tremendously positive feedback over the years for our window cleaning service we are still out to make it even better.

A clean window on a house gives the same impression as clean linens in a bedroom. It gives the whole place a fresh and neat look. Similarly, having clean windows on a commercial building is important to give clients, customers or tenants the best impression of your business. Be it a simple square window or an elaborate architectural window, our team of dedicated window cleaning technicians have all the skills to meet your requirements.

Commercial window cleaning services in London and the cities is a highly competitive industry, and we have realised that in order to thrive we need to consistently provide a quality of service that can place us ahead of the competition. We pride ourselves in having the most highly-trained technicians, the correct equipment and state-of-the-art logistics to cater for all our clients’ window cleaning needs.

Commercial Window Cleaning Packages

We have a number of different packages to suit your exact requirements. We do this because we know that it is unnecessary to go for a full commercial contract over a year when you have only 2 or 3 windows that need cleaning. We offer regular, one off and emergency window cleaning. If you would like more information about the packages we have on offer, do not hesitate to contact us on
0207 708 8484.

Qualified and Trained Staff

Our fully qualified and trained technicians are well-versed in rope access, abseil and cradle access window cleaning making them capable of carrying out almost any high level cleaning contract. They are also fully trained on safety methods pertaining to window cleaning, not only for themselves, but also safety to your employees and members of the public.

We will work around your work schedule to cause as little disruption as possible in your normal working hours. Our technicians are highly reliable, friendly and professional so you can count on them to provide an excellent service. They are also happy to travel and are available throughout London. For any enquires regarding our commercial window cleaning services in Marylebone, please call +44 (0)20 7708 8484.

Reach and Wash

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Contract Window Cleaning

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Abseil Window Cleaning

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Rope Access Cleaning

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Office Window Cleaning

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School Window Cleaning

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High Level Window cleaning

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fixed rooftop cradle apparatus cleaning

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Whatever your needs may be, Benchmark Window Cleaning Services will take care of everything for you, efficiently and professionally.